“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”


This short expression encapsulates the values that guide a Pacesetter. A person who leads by example, and demonstrates a steady pace of individually based, competent academic performance, with a superior work ethic. Morehouse is creating a new scholarship, in honor of the late Chauncey Winston, beloved Morehouse Brother, which will continue his esteemed legacy of supporting goal-oriented scholars and help cultivate the next generation of Pacesetters.  

A Pacesetter is someone who is in the lead, during part of a race, or competition, and therefore sets the speed, quality and performance required to compete. This individual usually has an unlikely process of taking the lead, maintaining the lead, and extending the lead, creating a blueprint that illustrates innovative ways of achieving success. Pacesetting leadership sets its own pace, ahead of others, based on a personal set of talents, skills, qualifications, service, and most importantly, identifiable goals and objectives.  

The Chauncey Winston Pacesetter Award has been established to provide financial opportunity for servant leaders, who possess the values that made Brother Winston a man of distinction at Morehouse College. The most effective leaders strive to serve others, rather than accrue power, or take control. They consistently communicate and meet proposed goals, with respect, care and love for hard work. This type of leadership requires the self-awareness, and self determination to set individualized intentions around purposeful goals and objectives, while inspiring others to keep pace, by setting their own intentions accordingly.

More about the life of Chauncey Winston.


Chauncey Winston was born May 10, 1962, in Brooklyn New York. He grew up in Florida, playing little league football and baseball, for the City of Coral Springs, Florida, and Coral Springs Highschool, where he also ran track. After graduating from Coral Springs High School in 1980, Chauncey matriculated to Morehouse College, earning a varsity letter in baseball, and later earned three championship game rings, with his graduate level softball teams. Chauncey used the last 3 years of college to focus on his degree in accounting. His experience during a summer internship on Wall Street solidified his decision to pursue a career in banking and finance. His very first job in banking was with First Atlanta. He ended his almost 40 year banking career, with Wells Fargo, as a Portfolio Manager over multi million dollar deals, with Metro Atlanta Middle Market Banking Group. Chauncey was dedicated to a strong work ethic, first and foremost. But he was just as dedicated to a sense of balancing work, with enjoying friends and family. Chauncey married the love of his life, in 1988, and later welcomed 3 children into their union. The Winstons became an integral part of the Sandtown little leagues, as Chauncey coached all three children in football, baseball, soccer and football, throughout their K-12 school years. It was during those years, that he instilled the foundation of discipline, integrity, and hard work, which helped propel all three of his children to become graduates of Morehouse and Spelman College. Chauncey considered his role as a father, a top priority. His life story reflects what it looks like, to welcome the responsibility of taking care of others, while teaching the importance of self reliance. Modeling the significance of setting ones own pace, within individual intentions, around purposeful goals and objectives. Which is one reason why Chauncey often echoed the motto, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" to his 3 children. Also near and dear to his heart was his role as "Brother Dearest", to his younger sister, also a Spelman Graduate, "Uncle Chauncey", to a host of nieces and nephews, and C-Dubb to his closest friends. These loved ones have never been far from his thoughts, or counsel. Chauncey was inarguably a devoted husband, and dedicated his love and life to his wife and family. He lovingly earned the title of "The last Boy Scout", based on his unfailing preparedness, reliability and trustworthiness, as a husband and father. Chauncey departed this life on Sunday, June 4, 2023. He leaves to cherish a loving family legacy, precious memories with a chosen family of friends, and "The Chauncey Winston Pacesetter Award", as a beloved Morehouse brother.

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