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Legendary Class of 1994

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Legendary Class of 1994

Greetings, Morehouse College Legendary Class of 1994! As we look forward to our 30-year class reunion, let us come together to celebrate the remarkable journey that has brought us to this point and the enduring legacy we are creating together. Morehouse shaped our lives; our leadership and brotherhood is shaping Morehouse.  As we connect, let's take a moment to reflect on the profound impact Morehouse has made on our lives and our opportunity to pay it forward. Our reunion is more than just a nostalgic gathering; it’s a chance to contribute to the ongoing success of Morehouse College.

It is with much respect and humility that I’m asking you to lead one more time with a gift today to Morehouse College. Our reunion goal is to raise $150,000 and have a class participation rate of 20% (100 brothers) or more. We need YOU to give something, no matter the size of the gift.

By giving back, we continue the tradition of excellence that defines us, ensuring that our legacy thrives and paves the way for generations to come. Join us as we celebrate, connect, and contribute as Legendary ’94 in honor of three decades of camaraderie, leadership, and brotherhood.  

Morehouse College, Bless Her Name.

We acknowledge the alumni who generously contributed below: 

Aaron E Baloney

Adisa Tamui Carter

Ahmed Jamal Davis

Aiyetoro Reginald Frazier

Alain Millien Bernard

Algernon Jerrell Campbell

Alonza Bobby Mumford

Andrew D. Hunt Jr.

Andru Jason Arlington Prescod

Anthony Crozat Smith

Anthony D Williams

Anthony L. Moses

Anthony O'Neil Dore

Anthony Paul Carey Jr.

Avery Marquis Hayes

Ayinde Moir Waring

Barry Tyrone Waren

Bernard L Dillard

Billy E Young Jr.

Bradley Eugene Jackson

Brian Anthony Jefferson

Brian D. Johnson

Brian Keith Alford

Bruce Plummer

Bryan O Turner

Bryant T. Marks

C. Marcellus Sanders

Carl James Horton Jr.

Carlos Ramon Bonner

Cassius F. Butts

Chad K Rhodes

Charles A Caldwell

Charles A Montgomery Jr.

Charles Christian Campbell

Charles E. Barrett III

Charles Edward Hobbs II

Chay Watkins

Christopher Reese

Christopher S. Tomlinson

Claude Piercefield Hutto

Clinton DeVaughn Malone Jr.

Clyde V. Owens

Cornelius V. Johnson III

Curtis Kearns III

Curtis Moss II

Damon Emil Beaird

Daniel Johnson

Daniel W. Jackson

Danique Dolly

Dario Smith

Darnell Lamar Holcomb

David A. Jackson

Deandre William Calhoun

Delano Oliver Jr.

Delon Raphael Powell

Deon W. Vigilance

Derrick C Leak

Derrick Leshon McCloud

Derrick Mitchell

Derrick Shayne Hines

Dexter Monee' Prince

DJ Tron Productions LLC

Donald Phillip Cheatham II

Dr. Merle Orr '94 Orr

Duane L Lassiter

Earle Chico Horton III

Edward Bernard Baynes

Edward Orlando Edmondson

Edward Steven Thompson

Eric C Marshall

Eric D. Brown

Eric D. Tate

Eric James Fisher

Eric Kevin McGlothen

Eric Marcus Brewer

Ernest Lamar Maxey Jr.

Erwin Mark Stephens

F Eric Freeman

F. Euclid Walker

Florilis Davis Jr.

Gary C Barrett

George A. Tanksley Jr.

George Edward Scott Jr.

Gregory Antonio Willis

Hasan Kwame Jeffries

Imani D. Moody

J. Mark Oliver

Jabari Ali Jackson

Jairus Middlebrooks

James A Pollard Jr.

James Brandon Gaffney

James Charles Rowan

James D Gaston III

James E Thomas II

James E. Washburn

James Odell Suber Jr.

James S White

James Wright

Jason Christopher Weakley

Jason N. Clark

Jawanza T. Hughes

Jeremy K. Allen

Jermane Bond

John Allen White Harkless

John Henderson Gaines III

John Henry Holmes III

John K Owusu

Johnathan L. Winfrey

Johnnie Ronnell Jones

Jonathan E. Richardson

Joseph Nicholas Williams

Joseph W. Clark

Juan Christopher Johnson

Julius Faulk

Justin Newman Epps

Kareem Jabbar Weaver Sr.

Karl deVincent Bryant

Kasimu S. Moody

KB Butts

Keelan B Jennings

Ken W. Winfield Jr.

Kenneth Edward King

Kent Michael Jones

Kenyatta S Johnson

Kevin Charles Youngblood

Kevin F Bowling

Kevin J. McClerklin

Kevin Scott Perry

Komichel Johnson

Kwasi Irving Jr.

Kysii L Ingram

Lambert Reynard Brown

Lawrence Clarence Carter II

Layton Davis

Leon Patrick Cohen

Leonard Carl Allen McReynolds

Lev T. Mills

LeVan Patterson

Lewis Everett Bingham II

Lincoln Duane Johnson

Lon A. Taylor

Louis Lord

Malcolm K Berkley

Malcolm X. Larvadain

Marc Hardy

Marcellus H Moore Jr.

Mario F. Ephriam

Mark D Register

Mark Gray McGruder

Mark Patton Rivers

Marlon Mikhail Sanchez

Martin V. Clark

Melvin Darnell Richardson

Michael Charles Johnson

Michael E. Collins

Michael Essex Young

Michael L. Penn

Michael Lawrence Hatcher

Michael Lindsey

Michael R. Harrison

Michael Raymond Lomax

Mike K. Quildon

Miles Byrd

Morris Claymon Mann

Morris E. Turner Jr.

Morris Ernest Harris

Nathaniel Robinson

Nicholas Germaine Fuller

Nnaemeka Egwuekwe Jr.

P. Todd Averyhart

Paul Brian Johnson

Perry Bernard Green II

Preston Gray

Quincy James Stokes

Quincy Lamar Benton

Raphael Lamar Coleman

Raphael P. Ricard

Renard A. Adams

Reuben Dempsey Johnson

Ricardo Santos Oliveira

Richard C. Winfrey

Richard P. Williams III

Ricky Clement

Robert A. Foulkes

Rodney V Legardy Jr.

rodrick Ellis loud

Roger Terry Farmer

Rommel Quarterman

Ron E Simon

Ron Lewis Henderson

Ronald Wren Douglas

Sam Cook

Samuel Joseph Eaves II

Samuel P. Leccima

Scott David Woods Sr.

Sean Kenyatta Johnson

Spencer Bernard Butler


Stephen Elliott DeBose

Steve Anthony Jarrett

Sule K. Welch

Tchaka B. Shepherd

Teddy Theodore McDaniel III

Terence B. White

Theron Samuel Grant

Thomas Charles Hogue

Thomas Victor Montgomery III

Thomas W. Abernathy Jr.

Thorston Endris Thorpe

Timothy Wayne Sloan

Tony Durwyn Alexander

Tracy Cortez Owens

Trenton Devon Merideth

Trenton Percy Chipley

Vance M Spears

Verdun Perry

Vernon Branch Frazier

Victor J. Owens

Victor Moore

Victor Vernard Washington

W. Jay Madison IV

W. Kevin Dancy

Wade E. Brown

Walter Robert Ball

Wendolyne Clavin Buckner

Wesley Alexander Griffin

Wesley Jamison Smith

Zealous Darrell Wiley III





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