Legendary Class of 1994

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Legendary Class of 1994

Greetings, Morehouse College Legendary Class of 1994! As we look forward to our 30-year class reunion, let us come together to celebrate the remarkable journey that has brought us to this point and the enduring legacy we are creating together.  Morehouse shaped our lives; our leadership and brotherhood is shaping Morehouse.  As we connect, let's take a moment to reflect on the profound impact Morehouse has made on our lives and our opportunity to pay it forward.  Our reunion is more than just a nostalgic gathering; it’s a chance to contribute to the ongoing success of Morehouse College.

It is with much respect and humility that I’m asking you to lead one more time with a gift today to Morehouse College. Our reunion goal is to raise $150,000 and have a class participation rate of 20% (100 brothers) or more. We need YOU to give something, no matter the size of the gift.

By giving back, we continue the tradition of excellence that defines us, ensuring that our legacy thrives and paves the way for generations to come. Join us as we celebrate, connect, and contribute as Legendary ’94 in honor of three decades of camaraderie, leadership, and brotherhood.  

Morehouse College, Bless Her Name.





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